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Who we are

Remedial Triangle is a leading international industrial brokerage firm based in Washington offering comprehensive brokerage services to trade entities across the globe.

Fostering a culture of collaboration, we at Remedial Triangle Corporation believe that the only way to keep up with the changing demands of customers is to work together to seek new and innovative solutions that are aligned with their needs and requirements. As advocates of global teamwork, we believe that collaboration brings nothing but the best in people. That is exactly why we at

Remedial Triangle Corporation aims to work together with various parties and entities to not only solve the problems and challenges of the world of industrial brokerage, but also make solutions more accessible and available to the masses

By working with independent contractors, retailers, and manufacturers hailing from different parts of the world, we also intend to create solutions that are holistic, professional, and pertinent, ensuring that the masses do not have to worry about dealing with international laws and policies.

Fostering a culture of collaboration to keep up with the changing demands of our global customers

Led by our founder Kochi Michael Sedo, Remedial Triangle Corporation is an exceptional Washington based brokerage firm serving leading manufacturers and retailers from various local and international trade industries. Our team caters to the supply and retail needs of clients from all over the globe.

Consult the experts at Remedial Triangle today to channel the power of collaborative trade practices!

Product Categories

Featured Products

We feature our top products for maximum visibility and to attract top retailers within the industry


Innovative and advanced security products from leading manufacturers worldwide.


Top-quality home goods for all your furnishing needs


Quality office products from all over the world including furniture, fixtures, and office supplies


The latest electronic appliances at competitive rates from global manufacturers

Mobile Accessories

An impressive range of mobile accessories for all brands and models

Trusted by Biggest Business Names

Our clients have always trusted our expertise and advice. Here’s what they have to say about us.

“Remedial Triangle Corporation helped me expand my business by connecting me with some of the leading retailers in the United States who were willing to collaborate with me and carry my products!”

Our Core Values

Quality Services

We strive to provide premium brokerage services that meet the highest standards of quality

Client Satisfaction

As a customer oriented firm, we prioritize client satisfaction and guide them through every step of the process

Strategy & Planning

We close deals in the best interest of all parties involved through effective planning and negotiation strategies

Experienced Staff

Our team of consultant brokers has vast experience in trade brokerage which it uses to simplify business transactions and trade activities for clients

More About Us

At Remedial Triangle Corporation, we’re strong believers in the fact that sharing ideas, global teamwork, and collaborating with others as the same goal as yourself is bound to give bigger and better results. That’s exactly why we leverage our network of retailers, manufacturers, and sales brokers from across the globe, making it a point to interact, connect, and partner with like-minded individuals and entities for the benefit of the masses.

Interested in Working with Us

Remedial Triangle Corporation is always on the lookout for talented and skilled professionals who can add more value to our team and enhance our company image. Check out our Career page for the latest opportunities.